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Duke Is -9 Vs "Rival" North Carolina

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You have to be so embarrassed if you are North Carolina today. How do you get up in the morning and be a North Carolina basketball fan? I get it, in past years they always had a chance to win but tonight they barely have a chance to cover and it is sad. This was one of the best rivalries in sports and I really hate to see it die like this.

There is always a big build up for this rivalry and now everyone is expecting Duke to take a dump on their chest. It’s not like they aren’t ranked or barely ranked, Number 8 in the nation ain’t bad. I am not exaggerating when I say this but the only reason this game is primetime is because of Duke. Everyone always says how Duke has hatable players and UNC has that man. Luke Maye is a mediocre at best and his eyebrows piss me off to no end. Then you have Coby White who was there biggest recruit this year and to be honest, he would come off of the bench in Durham. I really don’t want to bash the Tarheels but someone needed to hear the facts.

I also feel bad for all of the Duke fans that slept in tents and paid Super Bowl prices for this game. For the sake of my bet I hope they beat the hell out of them tonight but you just hope they don’t get to embarrassed to keep the rivalry alive.