PETA Is After Me And I Think I Have To Leave The Country

My jaw dropped when I got the notification that PETA tweeted at me. I was to scared to look at it first but I really want no smoke with PETA. The NCAA is one thing, these bastards will take me down. I genuinely am not going to be able to sleep tonight, I think I am going wake up to insane people with pitch forks protesting on my front lawn.

This afternoon Dave said you don’t want any smoke with PETA and less then 5 hours these bastards are coming for me. I will make sure he wears a helmet the next time I stream. The worst part of all of this is that Zion blew out his knee and Duke cant shoot a three to save there lives. I’m losing all of my bets and a scary non profit is coming for my head. I will make sure I treat Rudy like gold and all of this good karma will come into my gambling and Duke will also win the championship. What a fucking day, what a world but as always…Mush To The Moon.