One Bet, One Winner

I am pretty sure my YTD is now 60-63-1 and since I have two soccer bets and two spring training games. So my wagers depend on what happens in them so I am giving my sole attention on one game.


Harvard -2.5 @ Brown

As you know I am a sucker for a good tip and this wasn’t really a tip at all. This guy just pleaded to me that the only thing he watches is Ivy league basketball. I actually have been watching it too and it is wild that these smart sons of bitches play back to back days. Harvard obviously is the better book smart school and they need to get all of there frustration out and they win this game by 10. I really don’t now how else to tell you to take this bet to the moon.

Pick Harvard -2.5 


Marist -6

I obviously couldn’t only bet one game and I love the red foxes. Like I always say this is a big night so you can bet big Saturday. To The Moon