Manny Diaz And The U Are The King Of The Transfer Portal

We’ve talked a few times about THE PORTAL here at barstool sports dot com. Although it’s only existed for a few months, there has been a clear king that has emerged:

Feb-22-2019 13-40-36

Up to this point, Manny Diaz has gotten:

-UCLA 5-star DE Jaelan Phillips

-Ohio State 4-star QB Tathan Martell

-Auburn 4-star RB Asa Martin

-Buffalo 4-star WR KJ Osborn

-USC 4-star Safety Bubba Bolden

-Butler 3-star OT Tommy Kennedy

-Virginia Tech 3-star DE Trevon Hill

He also rescued 4-star WR Jeff Thomas from the portal. Almost unheard of.  I’d say the rescue is the most impressive. Everybody, please bow down to the king of the turnover chain and the king of the transfer portal, Manny Diaz:

Manny Diaz