Tonight Will Be Stressful As I Am Putting Way Too Much Money On One Game

YTD is 61-66-1 even though I came out positive yesterday. I added Iowa State and then ended up hammering Kansas because I felt too good about them. Tonight will have me very uptight where it is my favorite team but it seems like it is the easiest bet of the night.


Duke -3.5 @ Virginia Tech

I have had my eye on this game since Saturday because Duke is playing for Zion. That UNC loss woke them up and since Coach K has talked to each player individually asking why they took the Zion loss so hard. This has sparked them and players that usually wouldn’t play if Zion was around. They have the confidence now and RJ Barrett just needs to not think he needs to win it on his own. Cam Reddish needs to keep shooting and if Alex Occonel shoots like he did at Syracuse, no chance VT has any chance tonight. People forget that Virginia Techs point guard is out and they are 10x worse without him. They have been sketchy all year and don’t forget that Duke is a fucking wagon and there is no chance they will let me go in the hole.

Pick Duke -3.5 (Please god I need this one)


TCU -4.5

Ohio State -3.5

This is a huge night. I will be live on Twitch for the Duke game and I am so scared to watch this. Positive vibes and ride with the mush.