After Breaking Even Last Night, These Games Are Big

YTD is now 65-68-1 after a 3-0 night. I cheered for quite a bit and I am back to even. Tonight I am betting on a hockey game even though I know nothing about these two teams but I just wanted to be in the mix because everyone is talking about it.


Xavier @ St. Johns -4.5

This is a perfect spot for St. Johns. I watched Ponds on Saturday and the guy is fucking good. Xavier just doesn’t have that one guy and I confuse them with Butler all the time too. They have been struggling all year and the St. Johns needs this win. They have some good wins and they can’t afford to lose against shitty teams like Xavier.

Pick St. Johns -4.5  

Nebraska @ Michigan -11.5

I picked this on advisors, it is the most obvious bet of the night. I am not trying to outsmart myself. They are coming off a loss against a banged up Michigan State team. Michigan is the play of the night because they are a team that catches fire so fast. I love Poole and there point guard. He always has a taped wrist and I feel like that gives him an advantage. I also convinced myself that so he never misses a shot.

Pick Michigan -11.5 


Uconn +4.5


Maple Leafs @ Islanders -115

There was a buzz in the office because Franky has amped up this game for weeks now. I like being apart of the action and I also no nothing about the Islanders. I do know John Tavares is good but Franky convinced me the Isles will win so were going with that.

Ill be live on twitch during this so hopefully this goes well.