College Tour Interrupted By NYPD Arresting Criminal On Run Outside Freshman Dorm

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Tours on campus are a big selling point for universities countrywide. It’s very rare for a tour to go poorly and then a student to attend the college. That’s why you’d really prefer not to have your tour interrupted by an arrest. That’s exactly what happened at Fordham today:

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“Here at Fordham, you can see REAL life criminals arrested right in front of your Freshman dorm! Talk about a real-life experience!”

Not the best look for Fordham who already has a reputation for being located in a not so safe area.

Here was the text I, a PROUD Fordham Ram, received:

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.16.29 PM

Love the transition from delayed openings to an NYPD chase on campus.

Great job by the NYPD to “APPREHEND ALL MALES AT RH CAMPUS.” Big win for the feminists on campus. Just one big estrogen fest for the rest of the night at Fordham. May be a good night for the F.P.P. to hit the campus:

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