What The #FakeNews Media Won't Tell You: Tom Brady Is More Athletic Than DK Metcalf


You couldn’t go on Twitter this weekend without seeing people gushing about DK Metcalf.

Jon Gruden was too:

Rumor has it that Al Davis has risen from the dead with the purpose of drafting DK.

Here’s the thing. While the media gushes about the Ole Miss WR, they forget to mention two drills:

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.16.38 PM

Translation for that chart: DK Metcalf is Zeus except when you ask him to change direction when he turns into a washed-up high school football star. For a WR…..that’s not great!

Even more surprising, DK Metcalf is NOT more athletic than this guy:


Who ran the 40 like this:

This is something you won’t see on E***, NFL Network, or Fox Sports. This is the type of stuff you will only learn about here. E***? Fake News. Barstool SPORTS? REAL NEWS.

P.s. How about Ole Miss managing to go 5-7 with this team: