No Zion? Put The House On Duke

YTD is now 70-71-1 and that is the ugliest looking thing I have ever seen. It gets me no where which is why I see a hot streak starting now. The problem with tonight is that I love the shit out of the board and most of the teams I love are favorites. Senior night plays a big factor into my thoughts as well so I am ready for a long ass night.


Wake Forest @ Duke -25.5

Duke announced that Zion will not be playing and that makes perfect sense because it will build up the rivalry redemption game against North Carolina on Saturday. Tonight is for the Seniors and technically for these freshman as well. This will be there last game at Cameron before the NBA and they also want to get these seniors in so they will have to win by 40. This is a tune up game before the biggest game of the year and they want the confidence level to go way up. Also don’t forget Wake Forest is complete trash. There is a reason why the spread went down a half a point when the Zion news came out. It doesn’t matter because Duke is still going to smash them.

Pick Duke -25.5 

Kentucky -5 @ Ole Miss

Watch Barstool Sports advisors and Big Cat describes this perfectly. In my own words though its simple. They are coming off a loss where they were never close in the game to a team they have already beat and this game is to get them back on track. PJ Washington I am so sick of hearing about him so he has to step up and put the team on his back tonight. The spread scares me that it is only 5 but it is so obvious I have to take it

Pick Kentucky -5 

Kansas -1 @ Oklahoma

True life I am addicted to betting on Kansas. There is a small part of me that still thinks they can string some win together and make a little run. With saying that this will be the last time I bet on them if I lose. I still think lightfoot can light up the gym and they are in the same category as Villanova. They sound good when you put the bet in but once you see them play you immediately regret it. So with saying that, Kansas all the way.

Pick Kansas -1  


Purdue -5 

I will be live on twitch tonight as well so make sure to either follow my misery or my happiness. TO THE MOON