I Am Down In The Dumps And Am Praying For A Winner

YTD is 70-75-1 after one of the worst nights in my life. It was a dark day tripling down on Duke and losing on Kentucky and several others. Today is ash Wednesday so I think I need God to talk to me and get me back on track. That is honestly the only thing that can help me at this point in my eyes.


Marquette -2 @ Seton Hall

This is a huge game for Seton Hall. They have some good wins this year but also some real shitty ones as of late. The problem with Seton Hall is that they rely on Powell way too often. Yeah he is really good but use your other weapons and let it come to him. Obviously the Big East is a hunk of shit this year and you never know what is going to happen but when a team if fighting for their lives I have to go with them.

Pick Seton Hall +2 

LSU @ Florida

LSU is undefeated on the road and that ends tonight. I have been on the right side of both these teams all year and this streak is coming to an end. Tonight I will be riding with teams that need to win. Florida needs a boost in there wins and this helps them a ton. The crowd will be electric and will them to win.

Pick Florida ML

I honestly can’t even think about why I want to bet on these games.  I can’t have another bad night so please send positive vibes.