Buckle Up, It's Officially March

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Today starts the day game conference Tournament and this is where it gets dangerous. They set it up perfect with a 12pm game, 2pm, 5pm etc. It gets dangerous  this time of year because games are nonstop and you end up chasing all day. I would rather have the clap then chase every day in March. Today is even scarier because it is the Rico Bosco teams that are playing and you have to find the money in the crumbs. I will be honest, I had no idea the Big south was  even a conference but I do know Radford runs the shot out of it. I want to be your guide during this scary time and let us common men gamblers unite. Today is the start of a month long journey to stay afloat and by a miracle we can be in the black at the end of it. always remember positive vibes and when you lose the first game, you double down on the second game.

12pm- Radford -4 Over 138.5

2PM – Winthrop -2 

5PM- Marist -2.5 (Max Bet)