U.S. State Department Issues Security Alert For Frat/Srat Stars Heading South To Mexico For Spring Break

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Unpopular opinion, spring break edition: one of the worst decisions you can make in college is spending your spring break in Mexico. I get that the drinking age is lower, but it’s just not worth the risk. You are likely to do your dumbest things while on spring break. There’s a possibility that you end up in a hospital or in jail. You wanna do that in Mexico or any place not in the United States? Yeah, didn’t think so.

SOURCE-The U.S. State Department has issued a security alert for travel in Mexico ahead spring break.

In the travel advisory issued on Wednesday, consular officials warned of the risks associated with drowning, tainted alcohol and sexual assault while vacationing in Mexico.

‘Know your drinking companions and stay in a group of friends who have your safety in mind when you are in clubs and bars, out walking in dimly-lit areas, or in a taxi at night,’ the alert warned.

‘Drink responsibly and watch your drink at all times. If you begin to feel ill, seek medical attention immediately.’

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The Call Her Daddy girls also issued a statement on the dangers of traveling to Mexico during Spring Break:

Good to know they are looking out for their fans.

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