100+ Media Members Went To Oklahoma Today To Watch Kyler Murray Step On A Scale

It’s pro day SZN, folks. Thought the micro-evaluation of college athletes was over? Nope.

Today, as you can see from the tweet above, is Oklahoma’s pro day. Time to double-check Kyler’s height!

Absolutely no funny business allowed! Gotta check it to the centimeter!

Funny enough, even after making sure the Oklahoma height measurement board was as exact as possible, Kyler said he wasn’t going to get measured:

This begs the question: is Kyler Murray under 5 feet tall? Yes, he was 5101 (5 feet, 10 inches, 1 centimeter) at the NFL combine, but he may have shrunk since then. Maybe he was taking some Russian pill that made you stretched you out.

At least NFL scouts got to watch Kyler run the 40 finally! Oh…

So, what did they get to see?

Oh, just Kyler Murray shirtless on a scale? Cool, cool.

I’m in on Kyler Murray as an NFL prospect. If put in the correct situation, he will end up a very good NFL QB. Although, he continues to be an all-around weird guy. We saw it in the pizza review with Dave, the infamous awkward Dan Patrick Show interview, and other times through this entire draft process. It also seems as if his Dad is controlling everything throughout this process. I’m not sure how much that will matter in the long haul, but something to keep an eye on. It’s entirely possible he’s a guy who is quiet and doesn’t like much attention. That’s not a great quality to have as an NFL QB, but others have overcome that.

The Cardinals weren’t in attendance, which is definitely of note:

Does that matter? Probably not. Seeing Kyler Murray throw a few balls in front of 100 blue check marks won’t change their evaluation of him.

At least Murray looks excited: