Unders May Kill The Degenerates In The Office

This is what gambling is all about. You can’t script this video. We were betting for 3 straight hours on unders at this time and the under life isn’t for everyone. We have players not having integrity, thousand and thousand of dollars losing at a fast rate and some shmuck shows up 20 minutes later asking what the score was. Then another 10 minutes go by and you see this face when he finally does the math and see what he got the under at.

The happiness in Big Evs face but not trying to show it was laugh out loud funny. Then everyone immediately yelling at him is why gambling is the best. The toughest part about all of this is that it is only the second day into day games. We ended up on the floor twice during one live stream so I couldn’t even imagine the rest of the way.

Make sure you follow along all March for these reactions. Hopefully we are still alive by April.