This Camera Man Needs To Be Fired For What He Did

This is a straight up tragedy. Who the fuck would think it is okay to put the camera on the guys on the bench with 3 seconds left. There was about four seconds of not having any idea where the shit the ball was and right when they pan to the floor, the bastard is dunking. How do I know that this wasn’t a long con. They had this shit planned and when the camera panned away, The Cincinnati guys could have just let him go because they knew the Over/Under. There is no proving that there is a fix in this god damn league.

Regardless the under life is one of the most stressful things in the world. Unders have been getting killed today and yelling play defense and pull it out at your tv for 5 hours is a sad life. Someone needs to make sure they sit down the camera guy and make sure he is always on the action. This whole thing was just a tragedy.