NIT/Play In Games Are Important As Shit

This week is obviously going to be a scary one for everybody gambling. If you are able to muscle up some money in the next few days you have a head start for a great week.


Hofstra vs NC State -9

This is the easiest bet of all time. NC State is in the best conference by far and Hofstra is just a god awful team. The only problem we run into is if NC State will give a flying fuck about the NIT. In my mind I am going with NC State because I think everyone should have integrity. If State actually gives only one shit they will win this game by 30.

Pick NC State 

Extra – Providence -7 

NCAA Play In –

Fair. Dickinson -2 vs Prairie View

This Prairie View team is a team looking to make noise. I saw them on selection Sunday and they couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. Not to mention that they have an insane record in there last 20 games. They are going to get some momentum here and not stop.

Pick Prairie View ML 


Temple ML 

Everyone has to remain positive. That is the motto for this tournament because once I start to be a little negative everything will go to shit. After every loss you need to just go to your happy place.