Big Game Hunting The Day Before The Tourney

This needs to be short and sweet because tonight doesn’t matter. But what the fuck else am I going to do besides gamble, fly a kite? At 9 o’clock buckle up and get ready for the play in game. I will (try) to not bet any NIT games because it seems like nobody has integrity and has no interest in these games.

NCAAB Play in game-

St Johns vs Arizona State -2.5

Arizona State is great at scoring points off the turnovers but luckily for the Johnies they don’t turn it over. Mullens needs this win bad as they haven’t been good. I feel real good also after seeing their celebration of getting in. The team is motivated and Ponds is going to go off tonight. They will stay positive and so will I.

I am so scared for this whole weekend my mind ins’t right.