We Have Somehow Not Lost All Of Our Money Yet

Once this LSU game went final I started texting friends to be on stand by to loan me some money. Everyone knows you need to start the day off hot and we did the exact opposite. At one point Big Cat was 0-5 and debated on leaving. Like leaving for ever and never coming back. it was a dark place and this happened.

Auburn was another dagger. As you can see spider got in the mix because Tommy got booted and was being called a used cum rag. Not nice but this gambling game can be brutal.We were switching seats, putting on different sweatshirts, just trying to get a new mojo. Just one game can swing us into the green.

Somehow someway we pulled this win out of our asses. Usually were on the wrong side of this but we went on a four game winning streak after Vermont +8.5. Thats what changes your day when you have no business winning games. The worst part about all of this is that we still have 24 more hours in this sportsbook. I will not see sunlight for 48 straight hours and I couldn’t be more scared/excited. I am not a tent guy but hopefully I get a goodnight sleep at this place.