2:30 Pm On Saturday, I Have Run Out Of Money

This was the saddest exchange of texts with my bookie. I said there is no way I will have to keep texting this bastard through out the weekend. LSU needs to be arrested and lectured to never play basketball again. This game isn’t easy and my body is deteriorating as week speak. My eyes are leaking, my shoulder in crinkling and I am just lost.

The problem with all of this is I have to keep betting. What the fuck else am I going to do. If you gamble though this might be the most relatable conversation you will ever see. The best part of it is that the bookie responded with ” You Sure?” That the sign of we’ve been through some shit and are you sure you will be able to actually pay me. I definitely won’t be able to but future Marty will deal with it later. Please keep me in your prayers as I need to win every single bet from here on out.