Duke With An Easy Win

For the first time this screaming wasn’t about my bet (I already lost Duke -13) but it was about Duke barely winning. Fucking Taco Fall cheated the system and had about 9 fouls. That fuck was disrupting everything and I almost had tears in my eyes as Duke was about to lose. I have been through this so many times with these dog shit teams beating them in the tournament. Not today though I knew they had it, they are the best team in the world and can’t be stopped. This team is the only thing I have as I lost most of my 401k on this stupid tournament. They need to step it the fuck up and hit a three pointer once in awhile. Only four more wins until another National Championship. That game was so easy I just don’t see anyone coming close to us and beat us. Its not easy liking a team this good, everyone rooting against you is tough so the grind will be rough in the upcoming weeks.

Also gambling is the worst but its also the best.