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It Is A Sad Day To Be A Gambler

The first week of March Madness is obviously the best time of the year to gamble. There is no down time, one game ends and you have two other ones about to start. Its a grind but there is no better feeling then knowing you have 50 games to bail yourself out.

Now it is Monday and I will be forced to bet on the women’s tournament and the CIT. The fact that anyone plays in the CIT is disgraceful. You should be able to option out of it. Nobody in their right mind wants to play in a shitty tournament after having a terrible season. Today would be a great day to find a hobby.

I really don’t know what I would do tonight if I there wasn’t something to bet on. I feel like I would have to go to a zoo or something. I also don’t like doing things by myself so I’d be in trouble. My grandma goes to the stores on the weekend and just walks around I can always join her. I have heard of old bags getting together a group and just walk around the mall in the morning and just shoot the shit. Old people have the right idea, you can’t tell me you aren’t jealous of the older gentleman at the bagel shops for 9 hours in the morning.

All in all today sucks for gamblers everywhere. We were so spoiled last week and now were left with bull shit. It is hard to bet NCAAB all weekend and then bet on the NBA where nobody cares about these game right now.