The 49ers Told Quinnen Williams They Could Go Anywhere For Dinner, So He Picked IHOP

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson

Quinnen Williams is one of the top prospects in the NFL draft. The Alabama product may still have braces and a baby face, but it’s more likely than not that he’ll go in the top 5 in late April:


Quinnen is a big boy. 6’7, 303 LBs to be exact. A man that big likes to eat and eat a lot. When the 49ers were in Tuscaloosa, they asked Quinnen Williams where to eat. His response? IHOP.

General Manager John Lynch and other 49ers’ officials dined with Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams this week. Williams’ restaurant of choice was IHOP, Matt Barrows of reports.

Big boy has to eat!!!!!

(Side Note: remember when IHOP turned into IHOB as a joke? That was very weird.)

This isn’t the first time Quinnen has made the news for his diet. Before he ran a 4.83 40 (!!!!!) at the combine, he had a breakfast consisting of double stuffed Oreos:

Quinnen has recently bought a car for himself as well and decided to stand on top of it while risking a potential dent:

I’m all in on Quinnen Williams as a football player, but more so as a personality.

P.s. he just turned 21. Think about how scary that is.