Group Of Brave Smokeshows Clean Up Beach After Selfish Spring Breakers Leave It Trashed

One of my favorite parts about spring break coming around every year is hearing about “Frat Laudy.” I don’t know why, but the simple fact of calling Fort Lauderdale, “Frat Laudy” makes me laugh every time.

Every year, Frat Laudy is flooded by Frat and Srat stars pounding brews and White Claws. Unfortunately, neither frat nor srat stars are fond of picking up after themselves. After throwing down the 3rd white claw of the day to keep up the white girl wasted feel going, Becky throws the can to the ground. Thankfully, there are collections of environmentally conscious like The Bikini Beach Cleanup Group to clean up the beaches of Frat Laudy:

SOURCE-Bikini-clad eco-warriors have won praise from fans after they volunteered to clean up a beach in Florida.

The Bikini Beach Cleanup group meet to pick-up trash and debris left behind by beach-goers.

The most recent event, held this past weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, saw the bikini-clad social media stars joined by more than a dozen supporters wanting to help with the clean up.

Absolutely love my eco-warriors being bikini-clad:

While other people complain, these women are sacrificing their time to help the future of this world. Inspiring.

‘A great group of people who care came together for a beautiful evening of service. We spoke of a world where people were more aware of the impact they leave behind. A place where all animals swam and ran free from trash and pollution.

‘Then we got up and put in the work and cleaned the beach for 30 minutes, recycled the bottles and cans and disposed the rest.’

The post has been praised by followers, who hailed the participants as ‘incredible’.

Incredible is an understatement.

Never thought I’d see the day where we see Instagram Eco-Models, but here we are. What a world.