Travis Etienne Gained 8 Pounds After Eating Too Much Popeyes Over Spring Break

ACC Championship - Clemson v Pittsburgh

Travis Etienne is one of my favorite players in college football. His explosiveness is something I’ve never seen before:

Coming off a national championship, Etienne is one of the top returning guys in college football. Etienne is in the top 10 of 2019 Heisman odds, coming in at 40-1. College football may be 5 months away, but as the D3 football player from your high school reminds you, there is no offseason. However, it is tough to stay on track when you are a college student on spring break:

SOURCE-“The question is what I didn’t eat. I ate a lot of Popeyes.”

I like Popeyes, but I can’t say I’m the biggest Popeyes guy. The last time I had it was when my roommate left it in our fridge and I ate one bite of the biscuit, enough that it satisfied me but that my roommate wouldn’t find it. Before I knew it, I ate the entire box. My roommate noticed the next morning. He wasn’t happy.

Anyways, I had Bojangles recently and I must say that it is without a doubt better than Popeyes. Only located in the south, Bojangles is one of the best kept fast food chain from the north. That used to be Chick-fil-A, but now it’s Bojangles and Waffle House.

I’d love to hear why Etienne’s prefers Popeyes. The chicken is good, but if there’s a Bojangles next to a Popeyes, I think the rational person is going to Bojangles every time.

“Etienne said his current weight is the heaviest ever but will slim back down quick.”

Wish I had this confidence.