Bet The Over NOW

This is exactly what I needed after a bad week. I need someone telling me what to bet especially the guy running the team. This is where my stupid brains runs into a tebacle because now everyone will be betting the over so should I go under? I’m just talking out loud here but this is why I am convinced the rat bastards are in on gambling.

The coaches and players no the spread and I don’t care that they do. Just let me know before the game like this. We should all be in this together and not be getting screwed week in and out. Thats what I’ve been needing in my life just someone telling me my picks from the inside. Once Bruce Pearl is suspended for saying this I’ll make sure I have a little talk with him about gambling. If Vegas moves this line up after he said this they are assholes and just can’t give us one win. Those sons of bitches are greaty shits.

Thank you for following along on how my brain processed this news. So now we need bet the shit out of this over.