After Getting Screwed Last Night, This Is A Winner

Yesterday was a disaster when I found out Ben Simmons was shitting himself before the games and decided not to play. I deserve this win tonight so this has to be a winner.


Rockets @ Bucks -3.5

A lot of people are talking about how this might be a preview of the NBA Finals. I am not saying that and I think the bucks route them tonight. Giannis is healthy after his ankle sprain and wants to show off that he deserves the MVP and not Harden. The Rockets don’t care about this game Dantoni came out and said we are good coming in third place we just need to stay healthy. Does that sound like a guy that wants to win this game. I think not.

Pick – Bucks -3.5 

I feel like this is a fucking winner. Im starting to get positive as shit and take this the moon.