I Am Positive For The First Time In A Month, Here Comes A Hot Streak

Last night was a nice night at the mush residence. No yelling just eating pizza and watching the bucks beat the shit out of the Rockets. A little research went a long way and we look to do that again today.

NBA – Quick little rat tip about the NBA is that the first two quarters are brutal to watch. If you didn’t gamble on 1st halves set yourself up with a nice episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and time it up perfectly with the middle of the third quarter.

Blazers -9 @ Bulls

Obviously Nurkic is out and thats why people will be all over the Bulls. First you have to realize the Bulls stink. I am hearing that the blazers payers were upset after the injury because he is such a big part of the team. He was also drafted by the Bulls originally so these guys will be playing for him tonight. They want to win this game for him and to gain more confidence going into the playoffs. They win this game by 25.

Pick – Blazers -9 

Extra – OKC -6.5 

I am cool calm and collected. I wore my keep your composure sweatshirt for a reason today and we are going to stay in the positive today. To the moon.