Miami University Fraternity Suspended After Pledge Alleges Spiked-Covered Paddle Hazing Ritual

Miami University in Ohio is one of those sneaky schools that is just a nonstop party. Who would’ve thought the second Miami (behind The U, of course) would be a top 10 party school in America?

What comes with being a big party school is big fraternities. What comes with big fraternities you ask? A lottttttttt of hazing. In the current landscape of college, hazing isn’t really celebrated. With that being the case, the number one way for schools to take down fraternities on campus is through hazing allegations. It’s kind of like how the government likes to take down the mob with tax fraud. The latest fraternity to be put on suspension is Miami Universities chapter of Delta Tau Delta:

SOURCE-A fraternity at Miami University in Ohio has been suspended after a pledge reported being repeatedly hit with a spike-covered paddle and forced to consume large amounts of alcohol and marijuana at a mandatory event earlier this month, university officials said.

Back when I went to boarding school, to hang out in one of my friends room during my senior year, you had to be paddled. It was some initiation that had been used for decades. They even had a name for the paddle. I didn’t think much of it, but let me tell you, getting hit by the paddle was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. I can still feel it to this day.

“I was blindfolded alongside 24 other pledges and we all waited in a room for about 1.5 hours while very scary music was playing,” the Delta Tau Delta pledge reported to a university hotline on Wednesday, according to a case summary obtained by The Post. “After that all of the pledges were taken to different rooms to receive their ‘big brother.’”

Unbelievable. I’ve never been part of a fraternity (none at my school) and any time I hear of these hazing rituals I am in shock. 90 minutes of scary music leading to meeting your “big brother?” Madness! Compare that to sororties who celebrate recieving their “big.”

“Paddling leading to bruising and cuts with a paddle with spikes and grooves hitting me 15 times on the buttocks,” the pledge said of the abuse he endured. “Being blindfolded and told I could not leave even when I requested. Being forced to drink large amounts of alcohol and marijuana.”

15 times? SHEEEESH!

“Hazing has no place within Delta Tau Delta,” said Jack Kreman, CEO of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. “Despite intentional effort to educate members through national resources and local volunteer guidance, chapter members chose to treat the new members inappropriately. The Fraternity has no tolerance for such behavior and those involved will be held accountable.”

Hazing has no place within Delta Tau Delta, you say?


P.s. Shout out to me for using fraternity instead of frat. Only respect.