Not Too Sure If You Heard But Im Hot

I couldn’t of been anymore right in my life and I will hold onto it forever. When your hot you have to keep pushing so here we go.


UNC -5 vs Auburn

I think this really easy. Everyone is going to want to take the points here but I hate to admit this team is fucking good. They run the floor on you and you can’t stop them. I have to admit I don’t like that Little has been sick, from experience you focus more on just getting through it and you play better. This Auburn team is going to get cold because all they do is shoot threes.

Pick UNC -5 

LSU +6.5 vs Mich St

LSU has fucked me twice so far this tournament and if they want they can fuck me again. This team is athletic as shit and I think Naz Reid is going be a big problem for them. He will take out Ward to the three point line and shake and bake him. I am a little scared of them getting out coached but need this win.

Pick LSU +6.5 


Duke -7

Lets stay hot and keep this shit up.