We've Found The Worst Sports Announcer Of All Time At A Montana Softball Game

I’ve learned my lesson to not do the “MUST WATCH” headline tactic, but this is as close to must watch as I’ve seen on the internet in 2019. Truly outrageous call. The lack of excitement on a walk-off is one thing, but it doesn’t even seem like this guy is on the same planet as the game he’s calling is on.

“Out to the field”

“Is running….is running…is running home!”

I was just waiting for him to say and BOOM goes the dynamite!

It seems as if this guy is on the call by himself. I don’t know much about the broadcasting game, but going Vin Scully on a Montana – Idaho State softball game is a tough job. To think he did 8 full innings of that is stunning. What were the calls like in the top of the third? I need to know more about this guy! Does he have dreams of being on CBS one day or is he just doing this because his girlfriend is on the team?! So many questions!

Some other awful yet great calls: