I Think I Am Getting My Mojo Back

With baseball being back I am betting on way too much every single day but I would’t have it any other way. This Phillies game was the worst I have ever seen. I hate myself. You can’t make this up, I was fist pumping while walking past the tv and Ryan rat dogs decided to forget to catch the ball at 1st base. Which is his only fucking job.Only way to get out of the hole is to keep gambling.


76ers -3.5 @ Hawks

Everyone can’y stop talking about the Hawks and how good they have been. It is plain and simple why you take the 6ers tonight. After the embarrassing loss the Phillies put out there today they will bring this city come joy. I believe Jimmy Butler will be playing and he can beat the Hawks single handily.

Pick 76ers -3.5  

I need this to just stay alive before the final four because I feel good about those lines already. Just need to make sure I have some credit.