NIT Championship Is The Only Winner You Need

Splitting this game is a beautiful thing and that only means I am going to win tonight. I actually see no way I lose this game. The weather is a lot nicer and my mood is fantastic. Also if you gamble this is the truest words you will ever see.

Going to bed and seeing your game is losing and then quickly checking in the morning to see is a winner is the best rush you’ll feel in your life.


Lipscomb . vs Texas -1.5

So I was a big Lipscomb guy this season because they remind me of honey combs and they are yellow. It turns out their team is pretty good. They are the cinderella story of the NIT and that isn’t going to keep happening tonight. Texas is a good fucking team and Roach is a stud. He went off against TCU and it won’t stop there. I love this so much I’ll be putting 3 units on it. OK COOL HOOKEM

Pick Texas -1.5. 

Instead of fading just jump on board and live a little. Lets win together.