Sophie Turner Spent Her Friday Night At A Penn State Bar Thanks To Barstool

When I think about Lady Stark’s Friday night, I’m thinking about some club in New York or LA that I couldn’t even sniff entering. It probably doesn’t have a sign to enter. That’s how secretive it is.

Turns out I am wrong, because Sophie Turner spends her Friday night at Champs Downtown in Happy Valley throwing football jerseys to Penn State students.

Why? Well, you can thank #BarstoolBestBar (which is Barstool’s search for America’s best college bar) for that:

Sophie is engaged to Joe Jonas, whose life goal is to win the #BarstoolBestBar tournament for Champs:

The Jonas Brothers showed up to perform:

Sophie came as well as Priyanka Chorpa, who somehow has almost 40 MILLION followers on Instagram:

What a time to be alive. The final four for #BarstoolBestBar starts at 2PM: