Monday Afternoon Baseball To Get Your Betting Week Started

I am not going to look back on my week because it is over and I hate myself . With The NCAA ending tonight it is a sad time but your account needs to be up before that game. With my new outlook on gambling, I am here to get you into the positive.


Rays vs White Sox 

I am a little nervous for this bet because it is nice to Chicago and I talked to the Chicago people in the office and they said the ball flies out of there on a nice day. It is a nice day there but these two pitchers are why we need to take the under first 5. Snell is a national treasure and Rodon is the only player on the White Sox I can name. I think it will be a pitchers duel till about the 7th and then the bullpens will blow it. Baseball has been a real bitch but you better get used to it because it will be the only thing we an bet soon/

Under 4 1st 5 innings 

Pirates @ Cubs -136

I love this game so much. The Pirates are coming off an emotional win after fighting the entire reds team so they are just emotionally exhausted. The Cubs have been one of the worst teams in the MLB so that only means one thing. Take the Cubs and put everything you can on them. People are out on them and getting Jon Lester at -136 is a steal.

Cubs -136

Lets take these games and parlay them into the Nation Championship tonight and win some god damn money. Need to start the week off right or chasing on a Monday night is fucking awful. Lets win this for the love of god.