Soccer Stars Perfect Slide Into A Smokeshow's DMs: "I Am David Neres. Come With Me."

Ajax have been the Cinderellas of the 2018-19 Champions League. After eliminating Real Madrid a few weeks ago, they will take on Juventus in the quarterfinals thanks to players like David Neres, who is winning both on and off the field:

Cocccckkkkyyyy. I’ve always wondered the DM games of professional athletes. Doesn’t seem like there is much to it. Just a simple, I am David Neres, come with me. I wonder how that would work for me. I am Jack Mac, come with me. Probably a block.

I just looked up Neres age. Turns out he just turned 22. He’s experiencing a life I can’t even imagine.

Like….what? Look at this girl. I didn’t even know a perfect human like this existed.