If You Missed Barstool Gold Doc Part 4 You Missed An ALL TIME Quote

If you aren’t a Gold Member yet and are an idiot, you missed Part 4 of The Barstool Doc which featured an all time quote from El Pres :

” When I burn bridges…they stay burned.” – Dave Portnoy 4/10/19

Reminds me of a quote I use :

“It’s not holding grudges,it’s remembering facts. ” – Rico Bo$co (pick em pod circa 2018… that I got from  my friend’s dad in 2011)

Me and Dave have an up and down relationship but quotes like this show we’re birds of a feather as they say. Chiddy Bang, Doug Gottlieb… tomato… tomatoe.

Print the damn shirts…


RIP Deadspin, F Chiddy Bang, #FadeClayTravis