Is The U Back? Manny Diaz Shows Up To Meeting With Boosters On Yacht

When I saw this video, it brought a massive smile to my face. Sure, the NCAA responded like this:


But Manny Diaz arriving at a party with boosters on a yacht is what I want The U to be forever and ever. I, also, want to see him continuing to bring recruits to Club LIV & Prime 112:

That’s what The U is all about. Let’s not forget that Diaz is the one who came up with the turnover chain just a few years ago. Also, his father? Former mayor of Miami. When The U is The U, they are connected to everybody in Miami. That means politicians, drug dealers, rappers, and clubs. Manny Diaz is bringing us back to those times.

P.s. Miami is one of the most fascinating places in America. Just everything about it is wild. I heard a joke once that the best part about Miami is it’s so easy to get to from America. Joe Rogan’s recent podcast with Billy Corben goes into just how crazy Miami is: