KINGS STAY KINGS ! Mike Francesa Eviscerates A Caller

Poor Adam … thought he could come at the king of sports radio and tell him how to do his show. Only to get absolutely lit up by Mike basically telling him “kiss off.”

Only an idiot caller would come into a situation with a proven commodity/ legend who put in years of hard work , has a huge following , works hard, and grinds it out every day and think they could all of sudden be the king of the walk as the new guy .

Almost makes you think Adam should be :

-wearing a cowboy hat

-only bet overs

– love Mississippi State Football (while starting out 0-4 lifetime at Barstool)

– or be heavyset and have a perm hairdo

but that’s just me… 18DF26D1-F21A-4A74-8C3E-D9548C505444


H/T @BackAftaThis on Twitter ( – doing  God’s Work and a Rico Ryder