Guess That State: High Schooler Attempts RKO On Principal, Gets Arrested

Well, buddy, if it was up to me, I think we should all get at least one RKO on our high school principal. But, I don’t make the rules.

Now, I love the boldness from this young fella, but we’ve got to work on the form. As a WWE mark, I know that you’ve gotta get a little jump in your step before locking in a behind the back headlock:

As we can see here, Randy Orton is in the air as he locks in the headlock:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 11.46.11 AM

Speaking of RKOs, here are my two favorites.

I would shoot myself in the leg for a shot at Stacy Keibler, but Randy Orton goes ahead and RKOs her. That’s what makes Randy Orton the GOAT.

This is the greatest RKO ever. God, I love Randy Orton.

The vines were funny too: