The Revenge Game

Embiid is obviously has been the talk of the town after the 1st playoff game losing against the Nets. They got embarrassed on their home court and everyone couldn’t stop talking about him texting. I played in my basketball game last week and I was texting on the bench too, the game is over who cares. If he is on the court and has his phone in his pocket we may have a problem. My limit is down so I need this win.

Nets vs Sixers -8

This is the revenge of text gate. Embiid just wants to win this game so he can go to twitter and make a comment. I haven’t been this excited about a pick because there is no chance the sixers do not blow them out tonight. I have been watching D’Angelo Russel pay for quite a bit now and he can’t pull off another 25 point game and lead his team to victory. I would be more worried if LeVert gets going because that guy is a menace. Jimmy Butler will continue to have a ton of success but I just hope he gets a little help from his friends.