Frankie Borrelli May Kill Me In His Own Home Tonight

This is a face of a man who is has been watching his favorite team excel in the playoffs for the first time of his existence. We pride ourselves in our fandom at this company, just like I freak out for Duke but Frankie is on another level. Anybody in his line of sight after a goal has to be ready for a hug and a celebration. If you haven’t been watching, the Islanders have looked flawless throughout the playoffs this year as they are up 3-0 against a very good Pittsburgh Penguins team. Ive heard a lot of chatter on how good this team is and how the barn hasn’t been this loud since Billy Joel played there. Well tonight I have decided to watch/bet the Islanders every single way to jump on to the greatness. If a hometown team is on one of the greatest runs I need to be a part of it.

Tonight I will be sitting next to the #1 Islanders fan in the Country Frankie Borrelli as I put my money on them to win the game live on twitch. Every time I have walked near him today he has just stared at me shaking his head because obviously he is scared about me mushing the Islanders. But I also am pretty sure he is starting to think about how he has to spend 2 hours with me asking him questions. When I am on twitch streams I spend about 20 minutes talking about European Mailboxes and asking if you think if floor tiles didn’t exist anymore would you realize? The answer is no but that is besides the point. He is about to be introduced first hand to the mush brain and I am a little scared all around. Hopefully its a great night where the Islanders beat the shit out of them and were slapping hands all night. I can’t see it going any other way than just having a delightful time.

Make sure to tune into Twitch tonight for the Isles game. The funny thing about this is that I need this win really bad after last week my bookie brought my limit way down to gain the trust back. So this is a MUST win. The Blue and Orange colors will be something to remember after this series goes down in history. YES! YES! YES!