I Just Keep Spitting Out Winners

Last night I gave out the most educated pick of all time. I don’t get praised enough for these winners I sling out but as you know you have to take these before the downfall happens. I have been studying these lines like a bastard all day. Follow this pick to the moon.


Magic @ Raptors -7 1st Half

Toronto prides themselves on Hockey and the Raptors. The Raptors were embarrassed at home against the miserable Magic. You have to think about it this way, Kyle Lowry who is a very good basketball player scored 0 points in the entire game. There is no chance he is taking his game to the next level and not letting fucking DJ Augustin take over the game like he did last time. I also trust Kawhi more than anyone on that court to step on their throats. There is no chance they go down early in this game and they will come out hot as shit.

Pick Raptors -7 1H 

I am 1-1 when I started these new picks so lets keep this train rolling. To The Moon.