Pick Of The Night From The Hottest Gambler In The World

I gave you the Raptors 1st half winner last night and you didn’t even have to sweat. This whole researching thing is going swimmingly and I need to continue this heater. Since I started my record again I am 2-1 and some would say that is a stunning record. It is crazy to me when I have a great day in betting people forget to send over their compliments but are quick to shit on me for the bad ones. I get it, there are a lot of bad ones…Not anymore though. The Sharp is back.


Pistons @ Bucks -15

Fifteen points is a shit ton but the Bucks are fucking good. I honesty don’t care if Blake Griffin plays tonight Giannis is on a mission to show how good he really is. I also think Eric Bledsoe is a very underrated point guard that is tough to handle. These bucks fans are wild as well, they have cheese and Bucks basketball. Lets keep this shit going.