Anthony "The Bully" Martin Is About To Win Me Some Coin

As you know I am a gambling man and I will have some extra cash in my pocket after tonight. This will be the easiest bet in my life, 9/10 times the bully always beats the shit out of someone they bully. My guy rich man already scared his fist opponent away and he doesn’t give a fuck who the next guy up is. I feel bad for Mantis but I am going to up the bet because this is a lock.

From experience fighting in rough and rowdy is an experience you will never forget. When your hand gets raised at the end of the fight I really do not think there is a better feeling. You accomplished something most people never will and you get to flaunt it forever. The atmosphere in West Virginia tonight is also going to be insane. Bringing it back to the birth place is a savage move as these fans love for RnR. I know everyone is saying this is the best card we have ever had and I couldn’t agree more. I met most of the fighters tonight in Atlanta and they are seriously savages. While I was getting ready for the biggest night of my life these bastards were trying to fight me after there fights earlier in the night. The Jeans guy vs Thor might end up in a blood bath because both of them refuse to go down. This is the most excited I have ever been for fights and you really don’t get any better entertainment on a Friday night like RnR 8. for an electric night.