Turns Out Storming The Field At A Lingerie Football Game Is A Bad Idea

If we are being completely honest, if you asked me if the LFL was still in business, I would’ve said no. That would make me wrong. It makes sense, though, considering that there is always enough horny dudes who like football out there, hence why the LFL still exists. Don’t call it the Lingerie Football League, though. It’s called the Legends Football League. Get it right. Respect the game.

When I opened up this video, I was honestly expecting one of the LFL players to level the guy who ran on the field. If I ran the LFL, I’d get a guy to do that for $100. Just get lit up by one of the players. It would make for a viral clip. Just have somebody like Leilana Lopez tackle them:

Or Kelsey Cristiano:

Or Dakota Hughes

Or Lauren Ziegler:

Or Allie Alberts:

Or any of these three:

Or Stacey Jackman:

Or Shea Norton:

Or Lindsay Fields:

Before I go, I think it would be a crime for me to write this blog without mentioning Dave’s night with the LFL:

Also, lets never forget the amazing freakout by the LFL coach:


The coaches for the league have seemingly got a lot more sissy, which I don’t like: