I bet my kids' puppy on the Nets beating the Sixers

Maybe that makes me a bad father. Outside the alcoholism and crippling competitive instinct that forces me to pit my kids against each other in athletic competition, betting their good little puppy on a winner isn’t that bad.

Look, the Sixers are a better team. They should win this series. But they get shook on the road. They were 2-2 at Barclays this year, one a 2-point win and the other a 25-point beatdown. They scored 145 last game and let everybody know it. They were strutting around, living it up and planting the seeds of pissed-offedness into the Nets. In the last 15 years, teams that score 125 in a playoff game are 29-40 ATS in the next game. Meanwhile, teams who gave up 125 points or more are 28-18 ATS in the next game over the same span.

I get why people like the Sixers. Embiid, Simmons, it’s a tantalizing mix on talent. But I’m trusting the numbers tonight and picking the Nets at +3.5

PICK: Nets +3.5

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Pick history: Walk the Line was 3-2 last night and 4-1 the night before. Anything prior to that was ancient history and you shouldn’t be interested in it.