Darren Rovell Spent His Easter At War With LSU Gymnastics On Twitter

One thing is guaranteed on Easter: Jesus rising out of his tomb. One thing that isn’t guaranteed on Easter: Darren Rovell getting into an all out Twitter war with LSU Gymnastics.

Over the weekend, the NCAA Gymnastics championships occurred. Oklahoma took home the championship, while LSU placed 2nd. Expecting to win the national title, LSU’s seniors didn’t fall apart as a team. They reflected on their time at LSU:

Literally forever grateful. Literally.

LSU was so grateful for their teams and fans that they put up a billboard near a Louisiana highway:

Harmless, right? Not to Darren Rovell who was not a fan of this tweet:

This started an absolute all out war on Twitter. He was partially ratioed:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 11.45.21 PM

Thanks to tweets like these:

Which, Darren turned into an opportunity to let us know that he indeed go to Northwestern:

He’s doing it for his kids!!!

He then killed a joke commonly used on Twitter:

RIP to “this ain’t it, chief” jokes.

Then came the irony pointed out by Twitter.


Darren REFUSED to take the L and defended him celebrating his marathon finish:

He then spun the entire interaction(s) into philosophizing how great of a medium Twitter is for discussion:

Darren Rovell, a modern-day Marshall Mcluhan.

P.s. A big SUP to the entire LSU gymnastics team.