My pending win on Jazz-Rockets bet will buy me a new house

Well, it’s not a very big house. But I am exceedingly confident that Utah goes against 60 percent of bettors and wins tonight.

In a very short time at Barstool Sports, I have become the world’s preeminent hockey gambler, as I’m 8-1 in my hockey bets since getting hired on April 10. The NBA Playoffs haven’t been as successful for me, but a Rockets ML victory and a successful stretch of betting on the Celtics and Blazers-Thunder has been fun, as I’m 4-1 in my last five NBA Playoffs bets.

We’re extending that stretch tonight. The Jazz were 3-point favorites at home Saturday night, lost an incredibly close game and now you can get them as 3.5-point dogs. This is a 50-win team that has won eight of nine at home. The Rockets will win this series, but not tonight. I’m all over the Jazz and taking the 3.5 points.

In the short time that I’ve been hosting the internet’s most interesting gambling show – Walk the Line on @BarstoolGamblin periscope – we started at the bottom but now we’re killing it. My first day was an 0-3 bomb, but we won 65 percent of our bets last week and women can’t stay out of my DMs.

Half of that statement was true. Walk the Line’s picks went 4-1, 3-2, 4-1 to close the week and it was so incredible that Dave Portnoy himself is bringing me to New York City just to personally give me a high five. I’ll have video on that later this week.

Until then, more picks tonight on Walk The Line at 6 p.m.