Some dumbass misdiagnosed Montez Sweat with a heart condition

I’m not sure I’ve ever been angrier at any doctor. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport, Mississippi State defensive end Montez Sweat was misdiagnosed with a heart condition by a doctor during NFL Draft testing.

The only problem? The heart condition doesn’t exist and the doctor was wrong. My entire belief in the medical community is shaken right now but we can deal with that later. Right now, it means the Sweat, thought to be a lock top 10 pick after the NFL Combine, could be screaming back up draft boards after falling in recent weeks.

The NFL Draft is crazy. But Sweat is about to make many millions of dollars and NFL teams are probably confused as hell right now.

This could be a shake-up for the draft, but at the least, Sweat is another compelling reason why the NFL has the best draft in sports.