DK Metcalf Introduced Himself To The Seahawks Without A Shirt On, So Pete Carroll Took Off His Shirt As Well

Let’s start with DK. It appears this is the NFL Combine. It’s NFL prospects version of interviewing with Goldman Sachs or Google. You’ve got to bring your A game. So what did DK Metcalf do? Just went around interviewing without a shirt on. I don’t hate it. When you’re built like a Greek God, you walk into job interviews without a shirt on.

It worked out as the Seahawks went on to draft him tonight.

I like the move from DK, but love the move from Pete Carroll:

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 1.11.03 AM

Talk about a players coach.

P.s. You think Pete Carroll asks his players about their thoughts on 9/11? Or does he just keep those thoughts of his to himself?